Digital Alberta is partnering with BenefitDeck

30-Jan-2013by BenefitDeckclicks: 3507

BenefitDeck Consulting Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Digital Alberta to establish a benefit program for their members. After months of discussion, Digital Alberta has decided that it would be a major value add for their members to have access to a benefit plan catered to the digital media industry.

Advantage of Digital Alberta’s Benefit program:

* Pre-negotiated volume discount for members only

* Option for electronic and/or mobile claims submission at no extra cost

* Prescription Drug Card available for every policy at no extra cost

* Coverage made available to startups that are typically only available for larger businesses

* Supporting innovation and the digital media industry

* Coverage available to members of all sizes

About Digital Alberta:

Digital Alberta is an industry-led organization devoted to promoting and connecting the thriving digital media community across Alberta, Canada. Through professional development workshops, advocacy work, education, event, and business development activity, Digital Alberta is building the digital media industry provincially and promoting it abroad.

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