BenefitDeck 5-Point Brand Promise

Access to Key Decision makers
BenefitDeck has direct access to insurance company senior executives.
What it means to our clients: When you need something done, we work with the key decision makers at the insurance company to get immediate results.

BenefitDeck is truly independent, working with all benefit providers to establish programs best suited to your company’s needs. 
What it means to our clients: We work for you, not the insurance company; we create the environment for the insurers to compete for your business.

BenefitDeck ensures that the insurance company pays your employees' legitimate claims.
What it means to our clients: When one of your valued employees becomes disabled, or has a legitimate claim that needs to be paid, we will go the extra mile to work with the benefits supplier and the employee to ensure therequirements are satisfied, so that claims can be paid in a timely manner.

BenefitDeck is in the business of helping companies provide access to health and wellness to their employees. 
What it means to our clients: By working with us, your employees will not get unsolicited calls about life insurance.

Transparency and Full Disclosure
BenefitDeck is committed to transparency and full disclosure of potential conflicts of interest, as well as disclosure of compensation arrangements with suppliers.
What it means to our clients: We communicate openly and regularly with you, so you will never experience a conflict of interest, an ethics issue or any surprises with premiums or claims.