Our Belief and Values

Our Belief

BenefitDeck believes that organizations can benefit from having healthy and engaged employees. Research studies have shown a positive correlation between employee wellness investment and companies’ long term financial performance.  We have worked with companies whose revenue multiply as a result of engaged employees who cares about their work.  In fact, in some of these companies, the employees don’t see it as work.  Many of the employees would actually say, “I can’t believe they are paying me to do this.”

We believe that an increase in company performance can be achieved by improving employee engagement and workplace wellness. BenefitDeck Consulting has a track record of helping clients manage workplace wellness programs. We view an investment in your employees as investing in your company’s most valuable assets. Have you had a chance to ask the following questions:

  •  - Does your organization have a culture of wellness?
  •  - Does your organization promote employee health?
  •  - How does your employees' mental health affect the organization’s productivity?
  •  - Did you know each dollar spent in health and wellness can yield 3 to 6 dollars in productivity gain and reduced health benefits expenses?

Our Values

Wow the Client
Develop strong relationships. Listen. Address issues and concerns. Communicate openly and be genuine.

Innovate and Find a Better Way

Continually strive to improve and innovate in all aspects of our organization., including facing industry challenges, improving client service delivery and employee experience.

Be Accountable and Get it Done
Be accountable to our clients, suppliers, and ourselves.

Empower and educate the client to succeed
Assist and allow our clients to reach their full potential. Support our clients through awareness, expertise, and service.

Work Ethics Matter
Focus on priorities and ignore distractions.  We are not afraid to confront issues or have difficult conversations.

Focus on Client Value
Any activity that adds value to our client deserves our attention.