Our Process

Every client we have worked with has its own unique culture, mission, and set of core values. At BenefitDeck we take the time to understand what yours are, in order for us to exceed your service expectations.

Understanding Your Objectives

At the start of the process we ask you a lot of questions, including the background and motivations of having a benefits program from a big-picture perspective. We also take the time to understand important things such as: availability of talent in your industry, what's important for the all the stakeholders, and the long term goals of your company. The purpose is to help us paint the picture of where you are now, and what you would like to see when the objectives are accomplished.

Assessing Your Needs

As a natural progression of understanding your objectives, we proceed to assess your needs, including the expectations of the staff and your budget level. Regardless of the size of your business, should you need to conduct an employee survey, or having an employee meeting to explain the value of a non-taxable long term disability plan, funded by staff, we collect the expected deliverables at this stage.

Customizing Your Plan

After we have taken the time to understand the big picture objectives and assessing your needs, we proceed with customizing the right plan for you. At this stage, we make sure the tax structure is most effective, funding model sound and sustainable, as well as matching your requirements to a solid plan design that you and your staff would be happy with.

Servicing Your Plan

Once your plan is in place, our client service team and associates work hard to assist you in handling any day-to-day service related inquiries, such as escalated claim issues, provider billing reconciliations, ongoing plan administration assistance, regular reporting of claims experience; as well as legal implications of situations involving disabled employees, and making recommendations on company policies such as continuation of benefits for employee on leave or coverage for retirees.

Renewal Process

Every year at renewal, we take extra care to ensure that our clients do not overpay the providers. Our internal renewal projection model, coupled with the expertise of the consultants with extensive background in the field, allows us to achieve a balance of where the right pricing should be,. We work hard for you to negotiate with the insurers to make sure your pricing is fair and sustainable.